With more than 20 years of experience in web development, we have seen many technologies rise and fall. We’re not just talking about digital transformation – we live and apply it day by day. Together with large institutions and their designers, we build and maintain successful online presences. Please download our portfolio for a more exhaustive list of projects.

ECAL · University of art and design

Responsive website for ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland. Databases for projects, events, studies, programmes, alumni, etc. Geolocation of projects and events on map. Online application system (see "Online Admissions"). Booking system for printers. Contact directory. Synchronisation of data with external websites and mobile apps.

Art Direction
Gael Hugo, Paris
MAMCO · Contemporary art museum

Responsive website for MAMCO – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Geneva, Switzerland. Seamless integration of the museum collection through a database managed by ArtPlus/zetcom (see "Online Collection"). Intuitive filters and customisable search parameters. Highly flexible CMS.

MAMCO Genève
Art Direction
Gavillet & Cie, Genève
MUZEUM SUSCH · Contemporary art museum

Playful responsive website for Muzeum Susch, Switzerland. Visual calendar of events.

Muzeum Susch
Art Direction
Marie Lusa, Zurich
MANUFACTURE · University of performing arts

Responsive website for Manufacture, Lausanne, Switzerland. Databases for events, studies, programmes, alumni, etc. Automated related content. Online application system (see "Online Admissions"). Booking system for events. Contact directory.

Art Direction
About Blank, Renens
Coding creative projects
Who we are

Computed·By brings together computer scientists and interaction designers. Our technological expertise combined with our project managers’ know-how and a network of art directors enables us to develop complex projects for both public institutions and private companies.


Our working methodology is based on agility and scalability. We work closely with our clients' art directors, graphic designers and project managers to develop the project according to their needs and expectations

Digital Sustainability

Coding, plugin and script efficiency. Our websites are tailor-made. Code and images are heavily optimised, so no unnecessary bloated stuff is being pulled on visit. All of this have a huge impact on the speed of a webpage which eventually affects the general user experience.

Pages are rendered statically on the server-side which means browsers can easily cache most of its content. This is fundamentally different to other web platforms which causes lots of computing power and energy waste each time a user interacts with the page.

We work closely with a Swiss hosting provider (Infomaniak) that uses 100% renewable energy and has certified green data centers.


Christian Babski (Senior software engineer, project manager)
Christophe Guignard (Client relations, project manager)
Gordan Savicic (Interaction designer, project manager)
Keumok Kim (Artist and motion designer)
Michael Chablais (Front and backend software engineer)
Patrick Keller (Architect)
Raphaël Maurer (Backend programer)
Stéphane Carion (Senior software engineer)
Valérie Althaus (Accounting)

Art directors & Partners

We love to collaborate with talented people!
Here are a few, among many others:

Art directors and graphic designers

Harry Bloch (Rotterdam), Gilles Gavillet (Geneva), Gaël Hugo (Paris), INT Studio (Lausanne), Zak Kyes (London), Marie Lusa (Zürich), Audrey Michoud-Devantay (Renens), Giorgio Pesce (Renens), Camille Sauthier (Lausanne), Juri Steiner (Lausanne, Zurich), Régis Tosetti (Paris), Alice Vodoz (London), ...

Architects and designers

fabric | ch (Lausanne), Darío Negueruela Del Castillo (Bern, Zurich), Philippe Rahm (Paris, Rome), Bruno Ribeiro (Paris), Adrien Rovero (Renens), Sigmasix (Genève), ...


Daniela & Tonatiuh (Renens), Nicolas Delaroche (Lausanne), Régis Golay (Geneva, Zurich), Milo Keller (Paris), Joël Tettamanti (Neuchâtel), ...

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Public institutions

ECAL, EPFL, ETHZ, FNHW, Fondation Oskar Kokoschka, HeK, KBH.G, MAMCO, La Manufacture, Musée de la Main, Muzeum Susch, Pakômuzé, University of Zurich, ...

Private companies

Artligue, BAT, Brillantmont International School, ECA, Hermès, Longines, Nestlé, NetProjet, Patrimonium, Realstone, SILL, Swatch Group, SwissTech Convention Center, ...

Offices & home studio

Christ & Gantenbein architects, Philippe Decrauzat, Happypets, Romina Shama, Skop Architektur & Städtebau, ...

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6, rue de Langallerie
1003 Lausanne, Switzerland